How to check where all your Aadhaar card has been used

aadhaar image How to check where all your Aadhaar card has been used

Sitting at home you can also check your Aadhaar authentication history. This means you can verify where all your Aadhaar has been used in the last six months. You can lodge a complaint in case, you find any instance of misuse. As UIDAIsays on its website, “This feature can be used to view Authentication details. Fetch your Aadhaar authentication history (Notifications) data.” Also, to avail of this facility online you are required to have your registered mobile number handy.

1. Paste the url ‘’ on your browser window

2. Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number in the requisite box, just below ‘Aadhaar Authentication History’.

3. Follow this with the 4-digit security code given below

4. Now Click on link ‘Generate OTP’. An OTP will come to the registered mobile number

5. The page that will open will ask for the following information: Authentication Type; Select Date Range; Number of Records; and OTP.

Now choose ‘All’ as option in the drop-down menu of the page that opens

6. The ‘Authentication Type’ is a drop-down that will have options including Demographic, Biometric, All, Demographic & Biometric, Demographic & OTP and Biometric & OTP

7. Choose the option ‘All’ here.

8. In the ‘Select Date Range’, choose the option given on the page.

9. Click on ‘Submit’ after choosing the number of months, you can select maximum up to six months
10. Now fill in the ‘Number of Records’, you can request for maximum up to 50 records
11. After this enter the OTP for authentication and click on submit
12. All the places your Aadhaar has been used will show up. In case you find any misuse of your Aadhaar information, you can complain about the same to UIDAI by calling on 1945



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